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Tailored Driving Lessons

If you are a beginner and learning to drive we can get you through the twelve compulsory, Essential Driver Training (EDT) lessons or our traditional non EDT driving lesson syllabus.
If your driving test is coming up we can help you improve your driving and familiarise yourself with the driving test routes on our pre test lessons. Some of the routes are shown on our Driving Test Routes page for Raheny, Finglas, Tallaght and Churchtown. You will also need to prepare for your test with a mock test.
If you are an improver we offer driving lessons on fuel efficient eco driving. As well as driving lessons in harsh weather conditions such as snow, ice and floods. Or maybe, you need help dealing with roundabouts or have passed your test and are not comfortable with motorway driving.
Allied Driving Instructors offers category B (car and light van) lessons in Dublin. We have independent RSA ADI qualified driving instructors offering driving lessons throughout Dublin .
Whatever sort of lesson you need, we can help.

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About us

At Allied Driving Instructors it is not about us it is about you. You are the one getting the driving lessons or preparing your driving test. You may be looking for driving lessons in Dublin City, County Dublin or any other part of Ireland. We have driving instructors working in their own driving schools in Dublin & most other counties throughout Ireland. You deserve to be given your driving lessons from a qualified driving instructor so we are RSA ADI qualified. You would rightly expect to have a helpful and friendly instructor so we try our best. You may need a dual control car, so all of our driving school cars are dual control, learner friendly, clean and in good working order. You may have your own car, so we can give advice on what to practice in between driving lessons. But our car will still be there if you need it. You are an individual, so although we arrive with a syllabus, driving lessons will be tailored to suit your needs.

You may be nervous or over confident, a complete beginner or have any level of previous experience, so we will progress at your speed. You may want driving lessons in the morning, the evening or the weekend. You may want to take a lesson at a specific time or squeeze them in as quickly as possible, so this is our fulltime job to help get you driving safe. You need to be told the right way of driving, so we will explain accurately and detail when needed. You should get value for money, so we will be efficient with your time and money, compressing lessons if needed. You want to be able to drive a test route in Finglas, Tallaght, Raheny or anywhere else or some certain feature, so we will plan a drive for where you want to go. When your driving test is due you want to know your test route, so we will take you driving there and show you the ‘tricky spots’. You want the best instructors. We want to give the best lessons to help you become a great driver. You want to call us. Allied Driving Instructors, the best driving lessons for you.