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Driving test route videos.

Posted on 22 August 2013, under the category By Darragh Dunne ADIDriving TipsLearner DriversNovice Drivers

We have started making videos of some of the driving test routes. Remember there are always several driving test routes in every test centre. There can also be slight variations on a given day due to road works, traffic, cars parked on preferred reverse corners, etc. But these are actual routes that are in use by the RSA at the time of posting.
They are helpful in letting you see some of the roads and junctions that you may come across. But that is not even half the battle. You need to get help from your local AdiDriving instructor to find out what you are doing wrong in your driving. Because you are definitely doing things wrong every time you drive ( Sorry for the bad news ). Your ADI will also help you learn how to deal with the hazards you come across on the test routes. Hazards are not often big and obvious. It is the little things that people don’t notice that usually cause marks for reaction to hazards.
Remember, passing the driving test is not easy. Give yourself the best chance of getting a full licence. Contact us and check for more driving test routes.

By Darragh Dunne, ADI.

3 responses to “Driving test route videos.”

  1. Learner says:

    This is great. I’m planning on doing my driving test there soon.

  2. Brian Boru says:

    That’s the test route I used, when I passed my full driving test.

  3. Sssssside says:

    I used the one in the other video for Tallaght.