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Posted on 13 April 2017, under the category RSA Press Release

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Mr Shane Ross has today, Wednesday 12th April, announced the commencement of the drug driving provisions in the Road Traffic Act 2016. One of the key measures in the legislation provides for Preliminary Drug Testing, which will enable Gardaí to test motorists whom they suspect of driving under the influence of drugs at the roadside. The launch of the new measures, in conjunction with An Garda Síochána, the Medical Bureau for Road Safety (MBRS) and the Road Safety Authority (RSA) took place at Store Street Garda Station in Dublin.
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Important information regarding VAT on M50 and Dublin Tunnel tolls

Posted on 4 April 2017, under the category Guest Blogger


We wanted to make you aware of the recent CJEU (Court of Justice of the European Union) ruling in relation to VAT on tolls on the M50 and Dublin Tunnel, and how it impacts you.
Following the CJEU ruling, Revenue have advised Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) that VAT should not be applied to tolls levied by TII, it being a state agency.
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Oversteering: Why It Happens and How to Manage It?

Posted on 31 January 2017, under the category Guest Blogger

Oversteering is when the back of your car loses grip on corners and travels much faster than its front, and, as a result, you cannot tuck into the corner. And although it happens oftener in computer games or speed racing than in a real life, ordinary car drivers must be aware of oversteering as well. According to the experts from the online shop, which sells all season tyres and wheel accessories, oversteer can have lots of reasons, not just bad rear tyre traction. It will be more likely in rear wheel drive cars. But can still happen in front wheel drive cars. So let’s see how it can be managed.

Improper tyres and other reasons for oversteer.

The first and obvious reason why oversteering happens is the insufficient traction of rear tyres. This issue can be solved by fitting seasonal tyres according to the weather conditions you are driving in. Opt for winter/mud tyres when driving in snow, ice, or sludge. Generally the tyres used in Ireland are all year tyres. But this is not always the case. Some second hand tyres may not be suitable.

Another reason hides in a low tyre pressure of the rear axle tyres. Ensure you keep your tyres inflated equally and to the pressure index specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer (you can find it on the driver’s door jamb).

What other reasons can provoke over-steering? Maybe you hurry to accelerate when out of corners or apply brakes too late. Ultimately, you need to drive at the correct speed for the car and the conditions.

How to deal with oversteering while cornering?

Regardless of the reason that caused oversteering, the driver must react immediately to prevent the car from spinning. To get the car back in the line, you need to do the trick called the ‘counter-steering’ or the ‘opposite lock’: quickly turn the wheel in the direction that is opposite to the road’s bend. Turn the steering wheel to the same angle as your car’s back stepped out. For example, if you are turning to the right and your rear tyres are travelling 30 degrees to the left, make the opposite lock (turn to the left) by 30 degrees.

The crucial point here is not to slam on the brakes in panic; otherwise, the oversteering effect will only increase. The best you can do is to let your car glide by removing your feet from both pedals until the car restores its balance by itself.

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Instructors needed!

Posted on 30 January 2017, under the category By Darragh Dunne ADIRegional Driving Instructors

Attention ADIs.

We are receiving a large number of calls from every corner of the country. We need ADIs in all of these areas to take care of these customers. There are options to pay per customer or take a listing on the site and receive all calls and emails for your chosen area. You can continue to use all your own branding and set your own prices, unless you want to carry our branding.

The most urgent areas in need of ADIs are:
Galway – City and Loughrea in particular.
But there are regular customer calls from all counties.

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Christmas Draw 2016

Posted on 24 November 2016, under the category By Darragh Dunne ADICompetitions

Back for another year, the Allied Driving Instructors Christmas draw for free driving lessons! For those of you who passed with us don’t forget to leave a review and you can pass the voucher on to someone else.Yet again, there are lots of ways to enter as many times as you can.
You get one or more entries to the draw if…..

You have taken driving lessons during the year.
You have taken taken a pre driving test lesson during the year.
You buy a lesson or a voucher before the 21st of December.
You like Allied Driving Instructors, Driving Instructors in Ireland or Driving Test Centres on Facebook and another if you have left a review.
You follow us on Twitter or Google+.
You subscribe to are YouTube Channel and like / comment of our videos.
You have left a review on the Allied Driving Instructors Google maps location nearest you.
Everyone who Shares, Re-Tweets, Posts, Likes and Comments about this draw will also get another free entry.

Remember to get as many entries as you can to win, by doing all of the above.

Terms & Conditions.

Each free driving lessons is an emailed voucher for a one hour driving lessons.
The voucher can be transfered to another person.
The lesson must be in County Dublin.
The voucher expires 6 months from the date of issue.
The lesson can be a learner driving lesson, EDT lesson or pre test lesson.
The voucher value can be used to purchase a larger bundle of lessons, car rental for a driving test or a long term voucher for a larger number of lessons.
The voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.
A valid Irish learner permit / Irish provisional driving licence is required for a driving lesson.
Prior booking is essential, quoting the Christmas voucher number.
Other driving instructors and driving schools are ineligible for all draws.
Winners will be announced and contacted by phone, email or social media as appropriate, by the 21st of December.
No contact details will be available to third parties.
On contacting us to claim your prize we will need your email address to send the voucher.

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