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The following are some examples of our happy customers.

I have passed my driving test this morning and that too on my very first attempt. Thanks to Darragh and ADI for helping me finding the gaps and for eradicating my bad driving habits. I would recommend ADI to anyone looking for EDT sessions. Not to forget the mock tests and pre-test sessions are big plus. Thanks Darragh

Rajat – May 2016.

Passed my test 2nd time today!! It wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of Darragh. I was totally a newbie before meeting Darragh. If you can clear his mock test than you are sure going to clear the driving test. I highly recommend him as a driving tutor whether you are new or experienced.

Shan – April 2016.

Passed my test today and I am absolutely over the moon.. Couldn’t have done it with out the help of Darragh. The man has the patience of a saint and works really hard to get rid of any of your bad habits…

Jordan – February 2016.

Darragh is a wonderful instructor. He was patient and calm right from my nervous 1st lesson, right up until I passed my test first time, thanks to his keen eye and excellent instructions. I couldn’t recommend him higher. If you’re learning, or feeling nervous about an upcoming test, do yourself a favour. Book some lessons with Darragh.

Jiao-Ling Jin – September 2015.

Darragh, Thank you very much for helping me till last minute. I would highly recommend to have lessons with him. He is a very kind and experienced instructor. So lucky to have him as my instructor. Without him, I wouldn’t think I could pass the test. Thanks again!

Jiao-Ling Jin – September 2015.

Passed my test today with only one fault thanks to Darragh, great instructor, really helps you get rid of the bad habits. Down to earth and easy to get along with, helps put you at ease when behind the wheel.

Ernest Furey – August 2015.

Passed my test this week after a series of lessons with Darragh. A really excellent instructor: quickly identifies the areas that need work and sets about fixing them (including sometimes using outside the box methods when nothing else is getting through, as Was the case with me). Very nice guy too. Thanks again Darragh!

Ruairi – August 2015.

I passed my driving test this week after years of trying with various instructors. Darragh Dunne without a doubt was the best instructor I ever had and I would definitely recommend him. He is clear, concise, patient, relaxed and professional.Through his guidance I was able to work on my weaknesses to give me the confidence to get driving. Thanks Darragh!

Garwin – July 2015.

I just passed my driving test!! First time too!! I couldn’t have done it with out Charlie Hurley and Darragh Dunne.

I really can’t recommend these two driver instructors any more. I wouldn’t have my license without them.

Fiona O’Farrell – June 2015.

Just passed my test first time. Done all my lessons and pre-tests with Darragh Dunne as instructor he explains everything. highly recommend Darragh thank you.

Ann McGrath – January 2015.

  1. 2014 Select Referrals

    I PASSED!!! It’s Amy

    Amy – October 2014.

    I passed by driving test at last!
    I had 3 fails over the years ( before I met Darragh ) and finally passed thanks to the brilliant instruction I received from Darragh Dunne.
    The mock test lessons were particularly helpful.
    Thanks a million Darragh.

    Bernard Carr – September 2014.

    I just passed my driving test today, and i am very happy that i passed it without one single fault. l would like to thank Darragh Dunne for being very helpful, he was very precise with his instructions and his encouragement was great. I would highly recommend Darragh as a driver instructor to anyone willing to take their lessons in the future. Thank you Darragh.

    Phil Simmons- August 2014.

    I have been to different driving instructors but when I did sit down for a driving lesson last June 2014 with Darragh, I learn a lot of things from him and I passed the driving exam last June. If your looking for a a well recommended driving instructor, look for Darragh and for me he’s the best. Thanks Darragh.

    Rey – June 2014.

    Hey guys! I passed my driving test in first attempt and I am very excited now that I dont have to have L-plates on. A big, big big, thanks to Darragh. The pre test classes helped me a lot and improved my driving skills. One last thing before I finish, Daragh is a tough task master 🙂 If you wanna pass the driving test ..just ring him now!!

    Vamsi Krishna – April 2014.

    I would highly recommend Darragh as an instructor. Concise and to the point he was a great help. I had tried a few instructors before but he was heads and shoulders above the rest. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough 🙂

    Bill Fitzgerald – April 2014.

    I would definitely recommend Darragh Dunne as an instructor he explains everything really clearly and he answers all my questions. I just passed my exam today after few lessons thanks for support.

    Adam. – April 2014.

    I would recommend Darragh Dunne for Driving Lessons gives you a real sense of what the test is going to be like. Came into the test centre with me and chatted with me to control my nerves. I got a mock test before the real thing and we specifically targeted areas that I was making mistakes, which was I felt a big help! Thanks so much Darragh!

    Paul Redmond. – February 2014.

  2. 2013 Select Referrals

    I needed to do my driving test. I came across Allied Driving Instructors by chance online. I booked a three hour lesson with Allied Driving Instructors and he was well worth every penny. He taught me so well, from the basics up. I found him to be extremely personable and imparted his knowledge excellently. I passed my test later that same day 100%. Now my brother is taking lessons with Allied too. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They really care.

    Sebastian C. – December 2013.

    I’d definitely recommend Darragh Dunne as an instructor, he explains everything clearly, answers all questions and is reliable. From lesson one, I started applying what he taught me to my own driving and I started ironing out bad habits that I had picked up. I am still on a high from passing the test this afternoon for the first time at Tallaght and I owe this to Darragh`s expertise. I would highly recommend Darragh to anyone looking for lessons.

    Maricica Bibu – September 2013.

    I passed my test only 2 mistakes. Thanks very much for all your support.

    Muhammad – July 2013.

    Passed! Not even 1 mark! Thanks for all your help and encouragement.

    Megan – June 2013.

    I’ve been getting lessons with them since March. Courteous and professional.

    Donagh Molloy- June 2013.

    Darragh is a calm patient teacher, who is highly reliable and always on time. He kept in touch and communicated very well with me. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Sean Barber – April 2013.

    PASSED!!! He also said I was hands down, the best driver in the entire world.

    Sam – March 2013.

    I bought a voucher as a gift for my son. He found the instructor very good and with a great sense of humour.

    Denise Hughes- March 2013.

  3. 2012 Select Referrals

    Thanks for all the help with the driving lessons! I passed my test just in time for Christmas.

    Joe Garvey- December 2012.

    I have had 9 EDT lessons with Darragh to date and I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.  Darragh is a patient, encouraging teacher and allways makes me at ease when I’m in the car despite being a bag of nerves before hand.   I have learned a lot and gained great experience from him.  When my test comes up I know I will look to Darragh for some pre test lessons to make sure I’m up to scratch with everything.  Keep up the good work Darragh!

    Darren – November 2012.

    I passed my test. Thank you very much for everything. Delighted to take my L plates down.

    Paula – October 2012.

    Just passed driving test at first go after lessons with Darragh! Definitely recommend to everyone. My mock driving test with Darragh made huge difference to my driving. Thank you, AdiDriving !!!!!

    Dimitru – October 2012.

    Thanks a mil four all the driving lessons over the year and I passed my test. I’m so trilled, so thanks again.

    Veronica – September 2012.

    I took driving lessons from Darragh Dunne and I just recently passed my test. I would recommend him as a driving instructor as I found him to be very patient, professional in his manner, liked the notes after each lesson and also his get up and go attitude to keep the motivation going to pass the test.

    Mary Clavin – June 2012.

    Darragh is a brilliant driving instructor. Really helped me come along in just over a week to pass my test first time! Highly recommended and a genuine nice guy! 🙂

    David Hendrick – January2012.

  4. 2011 Select Referrals

    I recently passed my driving test after getting lessons from Darragh Dunne. He was really patient and really helped to keep me calm as i was quite nervous. I would definitely recommend Darragh for driving lessons

    Yvonne Morrissey – 2011.

    Just want to thank you for your excellent instruction in getting Claire through her driving test! You had her very well prepared in a short time and we’re all delighted. Kate is enjoying her lessons with you too. You can let her know when you feel she’s ready to apply for her test. Really appreciate all your help with both girls.

    Brenda M – 2011.

    I passed driving test in first attempt in Raheny. Driving instructions were very helpful from Darragh and couldn’t have passed without his contribution. Beside passing the driving test, the lessons were very helpful to drive safely.

    Atif K – 2011.

  5. Pre 2011 Letters and Cards

    We took lessons with Darragh Dunne from September 2007 to April 2008. We were very happy with the lessons we received and with the standard of professionalism displayed by Darragh when teaching us. As a result of these lessons we were both successful in passing our driving tests and now qualified drivers.

    Sorcha and Philip – 2008.

    I received driving lessons from Darragh Dunne before I owned my car and leading up to my test. He is a very good instructor and I have recommended him to several people as I passed my driving test first time round without getting any marks, thanks to Darragh’s great teaching.

    Niamh G. – 2008.

    I am writing to show my appreciation towards my former driving instructor, Darragh Dunne. When I first started to drive I had ten lessons with Darragh. During which he showed great patience and guidance throughout. When I got the date for my test I booked a number of pre test lessons with Darragh which I found truly helpful on aspects such as the reverse around a corner and road positioning. On the day of my test itself, there was a long delay and I was very nervous. So we went through some last minute checks and questions, which really helped to calm my nerves. To my delight I passed. Thanks a lot.

    Charlotte G. – 2008.